Singer Donna De Lory Never Misses a Beat

by Abigail Lewis

The former Madonna backup singer rocks a unique fusion of pop and devotional

“…she’s stopped making set lists and instead tunes into what each particular audience wants to hear, blending world music, Sanskrit chants, Christian hymns and pop into a unique alchemical creation that seems to hit listeners just right.”

New Album from Donna De Lory: Here In Heaven - MadonnaTribe

New Album from Donna De Lory: Here In Heaven - MadonnaTribe

Madonna fans, Donna De Lory‘s new album is being released today in all digital stores and streaming services, as well as physical CD. The longtime Madonna back-up singer and prolific musician and solo artist is mixing of all the flavors and colors in the gifted singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist’s multifaceted musical world in this new work, Here in Heaven.

Donna De Lory: The Unchanging - LA Yoga

by Joe Kara - July 24th, 2013

"This eleven-song album builds on and solidifies Miss De Lory’s musical spirit. She injects dance-infused grooves and pop sensibilities into many of the songs, and conversely offers a softer, more personal delivery on others – accented by sparse instrumentation that inspires reflection and emotion. As a result, she has created a dynamic, full, and rich body of work."

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